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If you are looking to improve your chess game, one option is to hire a coach to guide your studies.

USCF National Master Bruce Baker, the club manager of the San Diego Chess Club, offers chess instruction. He can be contacted through the club.

International Master Keaton Kiewra is an experienced chess instructor who has recently moved to the San Diego area. He is accepting new students, and can be contacted through his website http://keatonkiewra.com/.

International Master Cyrus Lakdawala is another local chess teacher who can be contacted through the San Diego Chess Club. He is also a teacher on the Internet Chess Club where he goes by the username “Kawas”. An article from the San Diego Reader from 2007 featured him as well as his student, now a FIDE master, Elliot Liu.

USCF Candidate Master Mario Amodeo offers chess coaching and instruction in San Diego County. More details are available on his website, http://www.chessinstructor.net.

International Master Larry D. Evans offers private coaching in San Diego for both adults and juniors, as well as a chess camp for children through his program The Mountain Lake Chess Camp, through which he can be contacted.

Dave Melrose and other San Diego Chess Academy instructors offer private lesson to kids all over Southern California. They can be contacted through the San Diego Chess Academy website.

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